Water Quality Reports

Montana DEQ Sanitary Survey

Sanitary Surveys on Public Water Systems (PWS) are conducted by DEQ every three years. Northstar-Zoot PWS and Elk Grove PWS were surveyed on August 21, 2019.

Northstar-Zoot PWS was reported “to be very well managed and operated” and “no significant deficiencies were noted during this inspection.”

Elk Grove PWS was reported as “organized, clean, and proactively managed.” The survey noted small leaks in the seams of the water storage tank. A tank repair company fixed the leaks in September and the Sanitary Survey concluded that the potential significant deficiencies identified during the inspection had been corrected.

Drinking Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report)

Each year we make available a short report, the Consumer Confidence Report, that tells where your water comes from and what is in it. See below for the most recent report available, or call our office and we will gladly assist you. The CCR is mandated by the EPA and usually comes out in July of the following year.

Lab testing results are also shown. Once a year, the District tests for "common contaminants" including hardness, iron, fluoride, and sulfates. These are not required by the EPA but the District is committed to ensuring good water quality for its customers.